Website Spokesperson

If you’re reading this then you know how incredibly important website spokesperson is to your site! Both for SEO (search engine optimization) and to engage your audience. What better way to grab the attention of your visitors than with a live person! Our advanced website spokesperson player Website Actor Live […]

Online Video Production

There are a few online video production companies out there but none have the experience and knowledge that Website Actor Live does. We have been producing online videos for many years now and have 1000’s of very satisfied clients that return to Website Actor Live over and over again for […]

Virtual Spokesperson

Is adding a virtual spokesperson a distraction? Is my Virtual Spokesperson distracting my website visitors and actually hurting my conversions? The answer is no, at least not if you order through Website Actor Live. I’ll explain why. A lot of it has to do with the player that controls your […]

Video Spokesperson Companies

A lot of Video Spokesperson companies out there claim they have the lowest prices or the best quality video but after you consider all the extras they charge you on check out, you end up spending a lot more! Silly fees like installation, placement, script assistance, and hosting your video. […]