Walk On Video

We have been Rated #1 in the world for our walk on videos for a reason! Our high quality video and audio followed up by our friendly and helpful staff make us your #1 choice for your walk on video. Most other companies charge for things that we include for […]

Video Spokesmodel

Adding a Video Spokesmodel is a proven and easy way to convert more visitors. In some cases up to 300%! Read on for examples of how a virtual spokesperson will increase your sales! A Video Spokesmodel can help your website Most websites fail because they are just too hard to […]

Virtual Spokesperson

Is adding a virtual spokesperson a distraction? Is my Virtual Spokesperson distracting my website visitors and actually hurting my conversions? The answer is no, at least not if you order through Website Actor Live. I’ll explain why. A lot of it has to do with the player that controls your […]