Green Screen Editing

If you want to walk on to your website as a video spokesperson, create a business video, or just want basic green screen editing (keying) then we are the BEST choice!

As low as $85/video for professional green screen editing and advanced video player!

Get the highest quality green screen editing done here by a company that has edited over 7,000 green screen videos!
The process is simple!

  1. Send us your footage.
  2. We edit your video.
  3. We install/send you the final product.
For basic green screen editing the cost is only $135 for your first video and $85 for additional videos.  That includes keying out your footage (can be green, red, or blue screen and sometimes a solid color will work). We will also enhance the audio to make it sounds it’s best and do fine tune your video to make it look the best it possibly can. We’ll even give you a mobile version of your video so iPhone, iPads, and any other mobile device will be able to view your video. If you have a custom edit or have any questions, please email our video expect ( and he would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

green screen editing

Our Green Screen Editing vs the others.

There are a lot of editors out there that can edit green screen footage but the difference in quality is BIG! We use only the most sophisticated editing software and know exactly how to edit each video to get the best quality video possible. Each clip differs in lighting, color, and size. This is why a preset green screen editor will NOT work. Each video clip has to be carefully edited by hand to achieve a clear video that is small enough in size to play flawlessly on the web. Our process of editing green screen footage is actually a protected secret. The edits we make have taken us so long to perfect that we don’t give out our formula.

Green Screen Editing and Bit Rate for the web

We can host your video spokesperson as well!

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  1. Mark Chamberlin

    We have a 60 second video that was professionally filmed on a green screen. Explain to me your post production service for getting this web ready.

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