Video Compatibility

Our videos are cross browser friendly and should work on all browsers. We use flash for our playback controller and for the video itself. One of the limitations of flash is that when the video is hovered over an area on the page with links, the links willn’t work in the area where the flash video overlays. However, we have a fix for this in one of our players that we call the “Smart Player” where the player will acutally extract itself from the page once the video has completely played, we are the only company who offers this type of “Smart Player”. The links and flash player issue is a known issue with flash and every website that offers website actor services will tell you the same thing and they all use flash. The good element of flash is that it can be streamed so that the user can start to watch the beginning of the video while the rest is loading, this is what has made websites like YouTube so user friendly.

Supported Browsers:

Supported Devices:

– Ipad

– Iphone

– All Android phones and tablets

– All modern computers

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