Product Demo Video

Having a product demonstration video made is more affordable then you think! Whether it’s for a new invention on Kickstarter, indiegogo, Crowdfunder, or to show how your product works on video, we would be happy to help!  Most people are visual learners and everyone will understand a product better when they see it used in a video.  Simple text just isn’t enough, visitors want a quick and informative video.

A ‘Product Demo Video’ will better your search engine results with VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) 

Search engines LOVE video.  Getting ranked using video is a lot easier then with just text alone. We send your video optimized for YouTube.  Why is putting your product demonstration video on YouTube so important?  Around one fourth of all internet visits are on YouTube each day.  It is increasing in popularity each day for ‘How-To’ and ‘Product Demo Videos’.

 Good for customer service

Your ‘Product Demo Video’ will reduce questions by explaining to customers how the product works. With video you can have the best of 3 worlds, visual, text, and audio!  Your visitors will learn quickly and effectively, saving you time while increasing conversions!

We will help walk you through the whole process and offer suggestions along the way.

Your Product Demo Video will be FULL HD quality

Your video will be filmed and edited by a professional studio located in Arizona. We do video production full time unlike so many other companies who do it on the side, thus creating lower quality with little to no support.

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