Spokesperson on Costco Website Excites Online Shoppers

Our video spokesperson have been featured on some impressive company websites such as Cannon, Culligan, Farmers Insurance and most recently Costsco.  If you have not had a chance to browse through our video examples to get an idea of the range of our abilities, then I suggest you head over to our examples page.  We produce small website videos to large and complex TV commercials.

Costco Video Spokesperson

Recently we produced a video for a furniture company who has their product line featured on Costco’s website.  To check out the Costco Furniture Spokesperson Video, click here!  We have recently noticed a huge increase in video commercials that are intended for online use only and not for TV broadcasting.  One of the reasons for this is the affordable cost associated with an online video commercial. Another and I would argue the most important reason would be the migration of TV programs from TV broadcast through local cable companies to online subscriptions.  Such companies are Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.  This migration offers advertisers a whole new platform to market products and services.

Where Video Commercials Are Headed

I’m sure you’ve seen the increase in ads while watching Youtube videos. Those ads are being served through Google’s adwords program and are a part of an advertising platform that integrates search, content and media.  It wont be long before subscription based entertainment programs like Hulu and Amazon Prime offer free programs with commercials.  Those commercials will be served through an advertising platform for which advertisers can pay to have their video commercials broadcast.

This transformation in the movie and entertainment business is exciting for small businesses that want to hire a production company and have a commercial produced and broadcast without spending $50,000.  At Website Actor Live, we make the production part easy.  Just give us a call at 480-968-6151 to discuss what you need from your marketing campaign and we can help you by producing a video that will grab the attention of your audience and deliver your marketing message.

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