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We have been Rated #1 in the world for our walk on videos for a reason!

Our high quality video and audio followed up by our friendly and helpful staff make us your #1 choice for your walk on video. Most other companies charge for things that we include for FREE! Like our no monthly fees, included installation, and a HD version of your “walk on video” for use on YouTube, Vimeo, or any video sharing site of your choice.

Adding a virtual spokesperson to your website will benefit your business in numerous ways!  Here are just a few ways a walk on video can help your website:

  1. Stand out from your competition.
  2. Get your message across within seconds.
  3. Convert more leads into actual sales.
We are now offering a free 14 day trial account to our walk-on video partner hosting account VoCove.

People connect with people and a walk on video will create an instant connection with your website visitors. People have shorter attention spans than ever before and that is why first impressions are very important! Trust the experts in Online Video Production.

The many different ways to use a Walk On Video

Walk on video

Our clients range from law firms to toy collectors. Any site can benefit from adding video and some of the most common ways are; as an introduction to your site, guiding traffic through pages, and calling attention to an important part of the site. One of our largest clients in the water industry ordered over 100 videos to explain the complex products and services he offered. Having the spokesperson explain the various complex products like “Reverse Osmosis” has really helped customers understand the importance of having an RO system in their home.

Increase Conversions with your Walk On Video

No matter how well written your content is on your website, most visitors will only briefly skim through it! A Walk On Video will allow you to get your message across verbally through a live person. The quality of the audio and video will make your live person really come to life. Stick with the highest quality video here at www.websiteactorlive.com  We have helped 1,000’s of satisfied clients, many of them coming back year after year for more videos! We get positive feedback every day from clients who are now converting more leads and having more visitors thanks to increase Video SEO.

People simply stay on your site longer with a Walk On Video.  The impact it leaves will have them remembering your website over your competitors.  Your spokesperson will influence and persuade visitors and turn them into clients.  Video simply creates trust with your visitors, whether you go add a Youtube video or a live walk on actor, it’s been proven that people will pay more attention to your website. Let us help you get started on your video production! There is several easy ways to get a hold of us at websiteactorlive.com By chat, phone, or email! Thank you for considering a Walk On Video.

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