Your Flash Video Spokesperson should be converted.

convert flash videoBrowsers like Chrome are starting to cause problems with flash video. Chances are, if you have a video spokesperson on your website, that video is Flash and it would be a good idea to have it converted to HTML5. We are the first video production company to offer TRUE HTML5 video that plays your video with a transparent background on BOTH mobile and desktop browsers!

The problem with Flash and how converting it with us can help.

Google Chrome is starting to move away from flash because of all the ads across the internet that carried malware. If your video spokesperson is hosted on a server other than your own, your visitors might be seeing a ugly grey box in place of your video. It wasn’t always this way and in order to stay ahead of changing times, Website Actor Live has developed a special player and video format that will work with all browsers and mobile devices WITHOUT using Flash!

Who should host your video spokesperson?

We offer Cloud Hosting which is the fastest and most reliable hosting for your video. If your website gets a surge of traffic from a marketing campaign, our servers will display your video quick and effortlessly to every visitor. If you have a basic shared hosting account, a sudden surge in visitors could really slow down your video load times and your important message might not get across to all your visitors.

Have your own video from another company or a video that you want converted?

For a small charge we can optomize and convert your video into the latest technology.


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