YouTube Video Editing for Business is only $45

affordable video productionMost business owners know how important video is to their success. From getting extra visibility on YouTube on Google to explaining their products and services in a way text and images can not. We will help your business get an amazing looking video at a great price!

When you order a Video Spokesperson with us you can get an HD video formatted for YouTube for only $45! That’s right, get a live walk on person for your website and for just a little more we’ll turn your live video into High Definition video that will include your logo, text, and a background image.

Here’s an example of YouTube style video we did for a client.

What if you want just a YouTube video for your business?

If you’re just looking for a YouTube video to promote your business then the price will come out to our standard pricing. Prices starting at only $149 with a video spokesperson is a great deal! we’ll even install your video for you. YouTube and Google are the most used websites on earth and it’s vital you show up in both for your related keywords. Video is the fastest way to rank high in the search rankings on the major search engines.

What you can customize in your video?

  • Dress attire. You can choose from casual to business professional. You can even request special outfits or send us a specific outfit!
  • Movement and delivery. From caring and friendly to serious and firm we’ll match the feeling of your script.
  • Pointing and gesturing. Do you have a button or part of the page that you would like to call attention to? Our spokespeople will interact with your site to add even more engagement.

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