We now are offering our HTML5 self-hosted video player for all video spokesperson videos. Our old player used flash technology, but as many of you know, flash has been getting less support from major browsers such as Chrome. This is why we now offer our HTML5 video player that uses mp4 and HTML5 technology to achieve the transparent background within the player.

What is a Video Spokesperson?

A Video Spokesperson is a person who walks out onto your website or appears in another fashion within your website template to give a presentation about a topic. Most commonly a video spokesperson is used to present to the website visitor the product or service the website owner is offering. Having website traffic is not enough. These days you need a person who can be live on your page and speak on behalf of your company. If you have ever built a website with a developer, the most common question you probably heard was, what do you want to portray to your visitor? Usually the answer is something like... "well, everything we offer that our competitors don't".


Having a video spokesperson on your page handles both of those concerns. Not every website has a video spokesperson and by having one for yourself, does in-fact make you stand out in a positive way from your competitors. The second issue that is addressed is that whatever you desperately want to tell every one of your visitors that you believe will really make a difference in whether you or your competitor is chosen, can be said by your video spokesperson in a professional and presentable manner. Imagine having a person on your website who never takes a coffee break and never asks for a raise and will continue to deliver a presentable and positive message to your website visitors. Most of our clients who have purchased a video spokesperson and put the spokesperson on their website have seen positive results and new leads through phone calls, online conversions, and/or emails that have multiplied up to 300 percent. Take the next step in your business and order a video spokesperson today by clicking on the order now button below. It is a one time fee and you get to keep the spokesperson for life.