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Virtual Sets are the absolute best way to present your idea/product/service to the world in a broadcast quality presentaion for a small fraction of the normal cost. Many times virtual sets when created from scratch can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars; however, by using one of our templates with the integration of a video spokesperson, you are left with a corporate quality video presentation at a very affordable price. Below are some example templates of what you can expect. By ordering a virtual set video from us you will get a full length video spokesperson or voiceover to overlay into the video as well as a standard customization of the template you pick out. We will consult with you to conceptualize a design template that will best suit your business and product/service offering and then we will put it all together for you. From you background music, transitions, video spokesperson to the text changes, we will take care of it all and deliver you a Virtual Set Video Presentation you can be proud of. We have many more templates to choose from, just click the Live Chat icon toward to the top right of this screen and ask us for more examples.

** Photos displayed in the Virtual Sets below are for illustrative purposes only; the cost to purchase the photos is in addition to the cost of the virtual set.

Every Virtual Set Video order comes with the following:

  • Your choice of any of the below Virtual Sets!
  • HD Video Quality!
  • Best Quality with State of the Art Equipment!
  • Your choice of any standard actor!
  • FREE Script Assistance!
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • Lowest Prices on the Web!
  • Quick turnaround (usually takes 6-7 days)!


Virtual Set Video Prices with Video Spokesperson Virtual Set Video Prices without Video Spokesperson
>> 15 Second Video = $449
>> 15 Second Video = $299
>> 30 Second Video = $549
>> 30 Second Video = $399
>> 60 Second Video = $749
>> 60 Second Video = $599

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